Naren Salem

Finding help on Fiverr

4 March ’16

Fiverr - it’s not always $5

Once you post, you get a whole bunch of replies, and the expectation is that you gotta get back, right, away! But I had to play on my terms. I selected a few people and payed them $5 to get “used to our system”. This helped me winnow down the list to the ones I know will work well. Now I am hoping they will be free to work on my project when I need them in 2 weeks.

Bitnami plus Google Cloud

1 March ’16

CanvasLMS on infrastructure vs Self hosted

With self hosted we can get the admin panel without having to incur the per user cost. Bitnami makes it easy to get started. But for someone who knows Rails, it may be a better idea for the long run to build from scratch. This way we can maybe customize Canvas.

For example we don’t want our exercises to be called “Surveys” or “Quizzes”. Also the skin on the hosted version fails the contrast test from the W3C Accessibility Guidelines.